Regular Fap Roulette

So it was my birthday and I figured I'd follow the German tradition of giving out small gifts to colleagues. Of course, this isn't very sissy related (unless you roll just right). So I'll get something more sissy-appropriate to post today for you girls, too.

Since 4chan seems to be overflowing with fap roulettes that claim to be the "ultimate" fap roulette, but really only have 1 or 2 similar options. I decided to make one a bit more versatile.

Now it's actually a gamble for what you'll end up with.

Do you remember your inner girl's birthday? Maybe it's time you did; she deserves a special something, too!

Communication is Key

Communication is important in relationships. Although depending on what you really want not speaking may be just as important as speaking.

Also yesterday was the blog's first day with over 100 viewers, so welcome and thanks to all the sissies coming to visit (and anyone else, too!). Seeing someone get here with the search "natalienne sissy" is birthday present enough for me!

Anna is Ready for Training

I am pleased to see new followers. Particularly Annamalice, whose sissy self-hypnosis blog has sat on my Chrome dashboard favorites for months. Unfortunately her blog seems to be fast approaching its final posts.

Grazie mille per tua dedizione, Anna!

The name used in this short hypnosis/mind-control comic is only coincidental (it has been sitting on my hard drive for months), but I dedicate it to you regardless.

I can't promise consistent updates, but thanks for keeping tabs (I'll do what I can)!